Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2007

Ein Zerrbild.




mrs. q hat gesagt…

geniales foto - mal wieder :D. das talent hätt ich auch gerne!

min (nyoroko) hat gesagt…

Hi, nice to meet you here.
I'm nyoroko of Flickr.
Today i heard from my husband(you know, *MAR, hehe) that
you linked my web all the way.
You are so shy! if you let us know, we would linked you soon ;))
But thank you very much.

By the way, the site you linked as my blog, it was closed
since the server became full.
So I started new blog.

This is the URL. so this is a little hard to ask you,
but would you re-link this web again?

And in this blog, my handle name is not nyoroko, but min.
(min is a cat name whom *MAR is keeping.)

And please let me link your web-site, too.
(if there is any problem, please tell me.)

I'm really happy you became friends with *MAR (and of course me, too.)
Looking forward to seeing your photos, always.


miezmiez hat gesagt…

nyoroko: I just adjusted the URL & blog title as you wished ;)

Have a wonderful week & send my greetings to Masakazu & min! ^=^